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How Real Estate Investors Can Use TikTok for Leads (and Profits)

Feb 03, 2021 by Aly J. Yale
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TikTok may have started as a Gen Z haven, full of choreographed dances, lip-syncing, and makeup tutorials, but thanks largely to the pandemic, the platform’s reach has exploded in the last year. Now home to more than 100 million monthly users, TikTok is arguably one of the most powerful social media tools out there -- and its content extends far beyond the pop culture world it once inhabited.

On #MomTikTok and #MomOnTikTok, you’ll find everything from mom hacks and product recommendations to baby-feeding tips and favorite wines. Meanwhile, over on #MillennialTikTok, it’s '90s throwbacks, personal finance advice, and cooking videos. There’s also #GenXTikTok and #FoodieTikTok -- niche internet worlds for virtually every interest and age group.

If you’re a real estate investor, #RealEstateTikTok is a hashtag you should pay careful attention to. It could even be a way to market your business, gain leads, and close sales if you have the right strategy.

Are you interested in using TikTok to grow your investment business? Here are five ways to do it.

1. Give inside looks at flips and renovations

Home flippers are seeing huge success on TikTok. Julia and Shaun of @ourforeverhomeflip have amassed nearly 650,000 followers by documenting the flip of their dream house in South Carolina. Meanwhile, @tampahomeflippers have garnered almost 1 million likes just by posting reno projects and before-and-afters.

It shouldn’t be surprising, either: Everyone loves a Cinderella story, and most flips offer just that. Want to take advantage? Use the platform to show your properties’ come-ups and transformations -- the more dramatic, the better.

2. Offer tours of rental properties and flipped listings

Have a property you’re trying to sell? A vacancy you need filled? Use local TikTok tags to reach potential clients in the area. Here in Houston, we have #HoustonTikTok, #HoustonPlaces, #HoustonRealEstate, #HoustonRentals, and tons of other tags that could be applicable. Leverage the platform’s search tool to find tags specific to your city or area, and then use them liberally across your content.

3. Network using #RealEstateTikTok

We all know that real estate is a people game, and the deeper your network, the more deals, cash, and insider knowledge you have access to. Want to grow your professional connections? Follow fellow real estate TikTok stars, comment on #RealEstate and #RealEstateTikTok content, and engage with the larger TikTok community. In a time when in-person networking isn’t so easy (or safe), TikTok can be an invaluable tool for expanding your reach.

4. Highlight the shocking and amazing

At the end of the day, TikTok is a short-form video platform, so your content will need to be quick and snappy to make an impact. One smart strategy? That’s creating bite-sized videos around the more shocking or surprising aspects of your job.

Did you just pick up a $50,000 check from a wholesaling deal? Document it. Did you find a raccoon infestation in that foreclosed home you bought? Catch those critters on video. You’d be surprised at how many views these types of posts can generate in just a few hours.

5. Show off your knowledge

You can also use TikTok to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Offer tips, tricks, and hacks; answer commonly asked questions; address real estate myths; and just shed light on what it is you do and how you do it. Most people are generally interested in building wealth and growing financially, so as long your content speaks to those goals, you can expect some decent traction -- especially if you post on a consistent basis.

The bottom line

TikTok might have started as a youthful entertainment platform, but it’s since grown into one of the most powerful marketing tools around. If you’re not already using it, download the app and start following creators in your niche. At the very least, you’ll make some connections and grow your network. At the most? You’ll gain leads and maybe even grow those profits.

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